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    Notts County


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    Notts County Empty Notts County

    Post by Crossan on Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:45 am

    Spirited second half display by Town but will rue missed chances first half especially the penalty.
    Early days of course to run the rule over the new additions to the squad, Hall looks a very good center back and the other defenders Will and George Smith look decent.
    Not sure that Stead and Jones add much although Jones has only had a few minutes so far the season.
    We missed Kerry last night, I don't rate Brown on his display last night and in pre-season games, does not offer anything going forward, he came with a decent reputation from a division 1 team!!
    Mr Apples

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    Notts County Empty Re: Notts County

    Post by Mr Apples on Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:30 am

    Sorry but we have missed penalties in successive games, and that is inexcusable. For spirited display, read a team that shorn of Callum Howe, who should never have been allowed to leave in this transfer window (as presumably he is still under contract), is looking porous to say the least, and an attack which, set pieces aside as at Barrow, is well short of what is required at this level. How short that may proved to be, after the Dagenham game, should be a matter of concern. Fell sorry for the midfield, which is a work of art.

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    Notts County Empty Re: Notts County

    Post by WhiteRose11 on Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:21 pm

    Where has the team gone??
    We now have 11 players playing for themselves, last season we had a team playing for each other. The changes over the close season seems to have destroyed the team spirit that we had in bundles last season.

    We had a team that were the highest scorers in the league and by default did not really need any changes. The defence did need some attention particularly LB.

    After 5 games we should have seem some gelling of the new players but have seen little of this in fact the attacking players do not help the defence; the attacking players just want to score for themselves it is liking watching school football. The defence is inexperienced but are being left expose and are being found waiting as we don't have an experienced head organising and leading the back line. In fact only Belshaw can really hold his head up high from the first 5 games and without him we would be in even worst trouble.

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    Notts County Empty Re: Notts County

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