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    Chesterfield at home


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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Chesterfield at home

    Post by GARAGE on Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:14 am

    Have a look at their forum they talk more about drinking than football !!
    Big Lundy

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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Re: Chesterfield at home

    Post by Big Lundy on Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:30 am

    Just like the Stockport County fans when they visited us for the 1st time!!
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    Drink helps soften the blow!!!!!

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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Re: Chesterfield at home

    Post by GARAGE on Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:58 pm

    We never really got going until those final 10/15 mins when great thanks must go to chesterfield for giving us 7 mins extra time due to their time wasting. Thought we should have had 7 mins in first half after the dugout shambles in which Simon was booked after being pushed.
    Not much to say about the game except i would not like to play Chesterfield every week because they are just a nigly poor side to watch. We are still giving the ball away far too much and Leesleys free kicks at times are really poor.

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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Re: Chesterfield at home

    Post by Townfan on Sat Nov 03, 2018 7:03 pm

    Agee with you Garage. Wasting time cost Dover here a few weeks ago. Their time wating was a bit more subtle than Chesterfield today though. Their manager was arguing where the 7 mins came from, obviously spent most of the time arguing with the 4th official to witness the worst example of time wasting I have ever seen. Simple, if they had played the game, they would have won. Maybe their supporters might urge their goalkeeper, in future, to get a move on rather than cheer his timewasting, which cost them 2 points today.
    overall we were poor until the last 15 mins, but Chesterfield managed just one shot all afternoon. Can see why they dont win many.

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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Chesterfield

    Post by Crossan on Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:25 pm

    Agree with the comments, time wasting etc.  Allen the manager was having a go at the fourth official from the outset of the game. One of Chesterfields staff pushed one of the Gate staff.  All Simon was trying to do was get the ball backed in play and he was booked.  Far too much going on in the dugouts these days, whats the point of arguing with the fourth official as this will not change anything.  When the linesman swopped with the fourth official he actually tried to stop the Gate dugout from getting the ball back on the pitch?????

    Anyhow back to the game, Chesterfield were physical like most teams in this league. today we could not get our game going, our midfield struggled, Emmett and Thompson have been poor of late, Kerry should have come on earlier.  I would like to see Langmead back in the team, nothing against Burrell or Lowe but I feel Langmead adds stability at the back.  Burrell tried to come out with the ball on a number of occasions and got caught a couple of times.  Time to give Burrell a run out in Midfield??? this is where he started originally, he has great energy and pace.  Feel sorry for Muldoon as he gets subbed every game and gives his all.

    Full credit to Gate for keeping going we were well on top for the last 20 minutes and deserved the goal although I thought it was not going to be!!!!
    A1 drifter

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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Re: Chesterfield at home

    Post by A1 drifter on Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:58 pm

    Great credit to Town for keeping going right to the end and getting a deserved point. Chesterfield paid the price for blatant and cynical time wasting (none more so than their keeper) and it was justice to see some of their players slump to the ground at the final whistle out of frustration.

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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Re: Chesterfield at home

    Post by WhiteRose11 on Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:08 pm

    We have stopped playing football!

    We have reverted to being a long ball team that is why Emmett And Thomson are not getting into the game - we are bypassing midfield lumping it to Beck. The number of times Thomson was in space wanting a pass then it was just lumped forward wout to Leesley for him to waste the cross or to Beck to flick on to their Goalkeeper. How many freekicks were wasted by Leesley yesterday? When we did get it to the right then we looked dangerous with good deliveries from Thomson and Fallowfield but we didn't get it out to them enough.

    Hopefully the 2 week break will allow Simon to get us back to footballing ways.

    Horrible game though - ref was far too soft allowed their niggly fouls to break up play I was surprised it was only 7 min added on thought it should be more aswell as a lot more in the first half.

    When we play it on the ground we can beat any one but not in the air as it takes out too many of our players.

    Mr Apples

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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Re: Chesterfield at home

    Post by Mr Apples on Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:30 am

    Taking the positives, the team's 'to the last second' attitude is outstanding this season - best since Ferguson at ManUSA. The negative, however, is that some individual performances are tailing off alarmingly - JE for one. HT have never liked playing on a raining Tuesday night in December, are balmy days players. Perhaps a weekend on the Brecon Beacons would toughen them up during the break - seriously? Or I can see a long winter ahead.

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    Chesterfield at home  Empty Re: Chesterfield at home

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