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    Post by Top Cat on Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:10 pm

    That is Gary Plant, for a very little man who appears on the face of it to do not much has one almighty ego, I know the supporters club have asked him to help out with organising a signed shirt for a very poorly child who is a town van, and to help organise a charity game v a emmerdale 11 and he’s done nothing! On top of asking supporters for 50% of there profit from the 50/50 tickets which is used to try and offset some of the financial losses on long sway trips!

    But today I was left speechless, on non league day where there is likely to be a opportunity to intiice new few to support our club this happened.

    I witnessed 2 fans be asked to move away from the pitch side railings near the food outlet they did as they were told although there were not blocking access or anybody’s view, along comes mr plant stands against the rails in the exact same place and was told that fans had just been moved from there, he turned around with a smug grin and chuckled before taking one step back, one of the fans commented that the stewards at town this season have been far from accommodating and he would consider not coming back to which mr plant replied “ well it’s your choice if you don’t like it don’t come back” on trying to reply to mr plant the fan was shut down with a reply “I’m at work today you know”  to which the fan replied “yes and I paid £16 to get in your being paid to be here!” Instead of showing any kind of sympathy mr plant replied “ I’m trying to work today and I don’t need to be dealing with **** like this from you!” And turned round with a grin on his face and walked away.

    Is that how a director of the football club should talk openly and loudly with supporters??? Mr Garry Plant hang your head in shame I was completely embrassed to be a Harrogate Town fan today because of your arrogant actions.

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    Post by Trainset on Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:56 pm

    TopCat, those that go expect and welcome such treatment. It has become the norm.

    It should bother folk but it doesn't, the word subservient springs to mind. As I said get down Knaresborough and remind yourself what actual non league is.
    As for the club's future and the broader aspect of many of the fans, really cannot work out whether an elephant in the room or an Ostrich with its head in the sand work better, probably both; one for the fans and one of the rather big, club folding issue that awaits that most have been naïve in the extreme in addressing; which goes back to why what you saw has happened time and again.

    As you can see here with this post, most don't care about a repeated issue like this.

    Most have become wet wipes to a dosh of cash, they probably know deep down as well and how terrible it would be to support a non league club and be in that position (the 50/50 example is yet another example of the 'they should be happy to be along for the ride' outlook). Certain people seem to have mistakenly thought that none of this 'investment' comes with a significant price tag attached. One that will have a critical impact. But just you button itn Topcat and consider your sen lucky and be thankful that Garry is bringing his excellence and human touch to the you and your club.

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