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    New Songs - the Salford Song

    Mr Apples

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    New Songs - the Salford Song Empty New Songs - the Salford Song

    Post by Mr Apples on Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:11 pm

    The songs coming from the terraces are becoming a little stale. Can I suggest to whoever orchestrates such matters that a make-over and some origination might not go amiss, while reviving the classic Wetherby Road.

    With all respect to the commentator on here who lamented the fact that apparently you are all getting rather 'foul-mouthed' (its not the church choir) might I humbly make a start in honour of fixtures with Salford:

    (To the theme tune of that opera of Salford Life, Coronation Street)
    "Sad Salford b*******s, Sad Salford b*********s
    Lanc w**k w**k w**k, Lanc w**K
    What a bunch of sorry t*****s"

    encored by a quick burst of 'Gigsy is a t****r'.

    The composer of the theme was in fact a Bury supporter (yes, he did write a song for them), and I know that it would have made him smile.

    Can I suggest that we put in some practice every match leading up to the great day. Being the most reviled team in the division, I am sure that opposing supporters will heartily join in.

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