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    Stewards ar it again

    Mr Apples

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    Stewards ar it again Empty Stewards ar it again

    Post by Mr Apples on Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:21 am

    I hate to be the party pooper, with the team such a joy to behold, within striking distance of the play-offs, but... what are they on? The stewards, I mean. The Barnet game was met with the full pat down, which was a bit OTT for Harrogate. It isn't Halifax, after all. Being unnecessarily petty and officious seems to be in their DNA (although the younger guys are more sociable). What next, full cavity search? "We're hardly the ultras?" I protested, clutching my concession ticket. The steward eye-balled me: "You look like their main man." He wasn't smiling. Alright, the London accent (mitigated by a Town scarf), fetching Police hoodie (Italian designer, mate, £5.00 charity shop), matching wrap arounds (£1.00 same shop) may have contributed to the misunderstand. But, why, are they so determined to spoil one's fun at every turn, forever ragging you about this and that. I had sat on the wall during the Sutton game, to retie a shoe-lace, only to be told not to sit there. On the way out on Tuesday night, walking through the front of the Kop end, I dawdled to catch a last Town attack, only to be instantly moved on as I was blocking the view, which was compete bollocks.

    Vapors - and I am not one - seem to be the latest target of their attention, backed by notices which have suddenly appeared around the ground, prohibiting the pursuit.

    I am sorry but I am afraid it will take me a while to forgive their crass authoritarian belligerence, adamantly refusing to let the father of one of the Brackley players stand a foot inside the open gate to watch his son play, who had popped out for a smoke at the end of the game.

    Keep that sort of thing up, and we'll all be ultras!

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