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    Post by GARAGE on Sun May 06, 2018 8:10 pm

    Wow what a tense affair and great advert for our team to overcome a team who are very hard to score against. We finally at the end got that bit of luck we were so patiently waiting for and Knowles did what he’s good at and scored . Thought Leesley was playing better till he made the mistake that lead to their goal but then he gradually could not do much right and was finally subbed. Great team effort on a very hot day to have so much possession against a team in good form and our win was fully deserved. Don’t think the sending off really affected the result. Did Belshaw have a shot to save?
    Wonder how the idiot who threw the flair got through the gates security.
    Brackley next Sunday will i think be a similar sort of game with hopefully the end result also identical.

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    Post by fulhamphoenix on Sun May 06, 2018 8:34 pm

    Thrilled to win but Through my eyes we were a bit lucky - i didn't see the sending off clearly, will have to see again.
    Leesley 's mistake might have cost us the game - enough said! - except that it didn't! I thought Wright did well when he ... Eventually came on .. Instead of nothing created down the left wing we got some incision even if it was mainly through fouls on Wright when he was moving dangerously. I know we have to start knowles even though the ball usually dies at his feet, but maybe those with the superior knowledge will start wright ahead of beck next weekend. Great that falky didn't get booked - he played a blinder as did burrell, fallowfield(looks to be back to his best of the old days), parker ( a couple of control mistakes but generally sound), thompson, mcoombe was steady, worthy of a mention.

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    Post by Ozzi on Mon May 07, 2018 12:45 pm

    Fantastic performance from the lads yesterday. Pressure was certainly on at halftime, but I’m sureSimon + Paul will have given them good advice in the changing room, prob on the lines, ‘pass pass pass’ tire them out, then go for it. Notable stand outs yesterday, Captain and leader Falky, his side kick Jack, Parker, one of his best displays, Warren, Ryan, Dom + Becky. None of the others were below par, just the previous ones were on it slightly more. Final point. If these great lads pull it off on Sunday, it will be History in the making. Come on guys, create a Legacy for the Town.

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