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    Playoffs arrangements if any

    Top Cat

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    Playoffs arrangements if any  Empty Playoffs arrangements if any

    Post by Top Cat on Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:53 pm

    Not wanting to put a negative on it as I hope win manage to win the title, but have the club started to think about what we’re doing about segregation and tickets if we play in them?

    I was going to raise the issue tonight at the supporters club meeting but as it’s been cancelled I’ll put my point on here.

    My view is if we do have to segregate which I presume we will as there is a likely chance that we could play clubs who will bring a large following Chorley, York or Stockport, they need to be put in the top end of the ground and given the 1st block of seats in the seated stand for any elderly of disabled fans, that will able the away fans to stand in the area where the training goals are kept, the top end stand and the area down past the club shop, I’d say the areas mentioned would mean a allocation of 800 at least with tickets sent to opposition club to purchase at there ground., the club would have no extra expense as there are toilet and catering facilities already fit for purpose.

    I know the club are keen to push ticket sales online, but for the playoff games this needs to be scrapped otherwise it is open to abuse, paper tickets similar to what you get at Tamworth or Salford can’t be overly expensive to make and you could have your ticket printed off when you buy in person at the ticket office, with demand likely to be high I would also suggest Season Ticket holders and supporters club members should be allowed to purchase up to 4 tickets a day in advance of general sale.

    If we have to play in the playoffs it is imperative we keep the home advantage and not see it as a earner for the club hence buying tickets in person as if we have to play York and they could buy as many tickets as they wanted online like in the regular season fixture and turn it into a home game, yes a few will make the effort and go to the ground and purchase tickets if they don’t get tickets on the away end but nowhere near as many of it’s the click of a button away,

    Just my thoughts, anyone else got any other ideas? But like I say I hope we get it automatically but it’s good to be prepared for all eventualities.
    Wetherby Mike

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    Playoffs arrangements if any  Empty Re: Playoffs arrangements if any

    Post by Wetherby Mike on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:30 pm

    Important out of regular season Sunday matches are more likely to attract troublemakers than normal league matches so don't be surprised if the powers that be insist on all ticket segregation - even if we end up playing Brackley! With York losing again tonight the chances of another North Yorkshire derby seem to be receding. Fortunately the club now has a fair amount of experience to draw on from segregated matches so that arrangements can be made to give Town a reasonable advantage.
    Big Lundy

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    Playoffs arrangements if any  Empty Re: Playoffs arrangements if any

    Post by Big Lundy on Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:50 am

    If we can win our next 2 matches against much improved sides I've a feeling that Salford might just bottle it!!!Surprised

    Rules & regulations for play-offs



    1. At the end of the season, the clubs who finish in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th at the end of the Playing Season in accordance with Membership Rule 12 and whose registered home ground has been inspected on or before 1 April in the season and meets the Grading requirements in force that season and the Entry Criteria for Admission to Full Membership of the Football Conference Limited shall be eligible to enter the end of season National League North & South Play-Offs competitions respectively. If a Club is not eligible to enter the Competition then it shall not take part in any play-off matches. In that event such Club shall not be replaced and the Competition structure and draw shall be adjusted as necessary by the Board on the basis of the remaining Clubs ’final league positions.

    2. There shall be a Qualifying Round, Semi-Finals and a Promotion Final. All ties shall be played over a single leg. The Promotion Final shall be staged at a neutral ground selected by The National League Board of Directors. If a neutral ground is not selected the Promotion Final shall be staged at the ground of the Club in the tie finishing highest at the end of the Playing Season in accordance with National League Rule 12.

    3. In the Qualifying Round, the two Clubs who finish 4th and 5th respectively will play at home against the Clubs finishing 7th and 6th respectively. In the Semi-Finals, the two Clubs who finish 2nd and 3rd respectively will play at home. The Club finishing 2nd will play against the winner of the tie between the Clubs finishing 5th and 6th and the Club finishing 3rd will play against the winner of the tie between the Clubs finishing 4th and 7th. Any club not able to fulfill a fixture on the scheduled date may be subject to exclusion from the Play-Offs.

    4. In the Qualifying Round, Semi-Finals and Promotion Final, in the event of the scores being level at the end of 90 minutes play, extra time will be played in two equal periods of 15 minutes. The team which has scored the most goals will be declared the winner at the end of the two periods of extra time. If the tie is still undecided after extra time the winners will be determined by the taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark in accordance with the International Board Decision in the Laws of the Game (i.e. 5 kicks per team taken alternatively followed by sudden death). If a Promotion Final is played at a venue with more than one match staged on the same day, the Board may vary this rule by omitting extra-time and in the event of the scores being level at the end of 90 minutes play the winners will be determined by the taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark.


    5. In the Qualifying Round and Semi-Final Ties the net gate receipts of each match shall be divided equally between the competing Clubs. The net gate receipts due from a match shall be the total ticket sales for the match less VAT, the travelling and any preapproved accommodation expenses of the visiting Club, the fees and expenses of the Match Officials, and other match expenses allowed in accordance with FA Trophy rules (which include costs relating to gate attendants, turnstile operators, stewards, police charges, floodlighting, first aid helpers and any costs relating to clearing the ground of snow and water provided the visiting Club is consulted beforehand on the approximate costs). Where the visiting Club considers it necessary or desirable to claim accommodation expenses, written application must be made to the League within 24 hours of the fixture being announced. The League shall determine such application at its sole discretion.

    6. Income from television broadcasting or any corporate Commercial Agreements made on behalf of the Company for a match shall not form part of the proceeds of any Qualifying Round, Semi-Final or Promotion Final ties. The Board of Directors shall determine facility fees payable to clubs, if applicable and the allocation of all income from all corporate activities.

    7. Financial Rules relating to Qualifying Round and Semi-Final matches:

    7.1 Clubs may not reduce their normal National League Admission charges in any Semi-Final Play-Off matches.

    7.2 The HOME CLUB shall provide within 14 days of each tie a detailed account of all income and expenditure for its home match on the appropriate form provided by The National League.

    7.3 A maximum of 30 complimentary tickets may be issued. Any tickets in excess of this number may be charged for at the appropriate rate.

    7.4 The Visiting Club shall have the right to claim 15% of the ground capacity or a minimum of 400 tickets for the match depending upon which is the greater.

    a) Unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing, all tickets shall be on a sale or return basis.

    b) A Visiting Club shall be entitled to its full allocation of 24 seats in the Directors Box in Play-Off Semi-Final Ties.

    c) A reasonable allocation of the total disabled spectator accommodation shall be made available to disabled supporters of the Away Club.

    7.5 Payments for tickets sold by a Visiting Club together with details of tickets sold and the return of unsold tickets must be made to the Home Club one day prior to the date of the match.

    7.6 Each Club will be required to make available the contracted services and facilities at its Home ground as specified in The National League’s Corporate and Commercial partners and contracts. The Competition Office will in respect of full commercial and marketing arrangements for Play-Offs provide details to each home and visiting club.

    8. Financial Rules Relating to the Promotion Final Tie:

    8.1 In the Promotion Final Tie where clubs sell match tickets on behalf of The National League the proceeds of ticket sales shall be paid to The National League on a daily basis directly in to the Football Conference Limited designated Bank Account.

    8.2 The proceeds of the matches after paying there out the travelling and/or hotel expenses of the competing clubs, the ground and other expenses of the match including Value Added Tax, hire of stadium, advertising, printing, postage, police charges, turnstile operators, stewards, contribution to first aid helpers, catering match entertainment, travelling and/or hotel expenses of The National League Boards of Directors and Officers, Match Officials, Ball Boys shall hereafter be referred to as “The Net Gate Receipts before Levy”. The Board of Directors shall set a Levy prior to the commencement of the season. The agreed levy shall form part of the Net Gate Receipts before the Levy shall be payable in accordance with Appendix “C” in The National League handbook. The balance of the net proceeds after deductions shall be divided between the two clubs in the Promotion Final Tie at a rate set by the Board of Directors prior to the commencement of the season.

    8.3 Income derived from programme sales and perimeter advertising after paying there out all attributable costs shall be included in the Net Gate Receipts before the Levy unless these items are corporately sold by The National League in which case the income will be allocated by the Board of Directors.

    8.4 The allocation of central income will be distributed to Full Member Clubs at the earliest opportunity following full receipt and audit of all income related to the Promotion Final.
    Wetherby Mike

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    Playoffs arrangements if any  Empty Re: Playoffs arrangements if any

    Post by Wetherby Mike on Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:18 pm

    As the league table currently stands (April 15) Harrogate would be at home in the semi final to Stockport or Chorley. If the play off arrangements in previous seasons had continued we would have been away then home to Stockport. The arrangements for the final are not entirely clear. Appendix C paragraph 2 above indicates that the National League Board of Directors may or may not decide to nominate a neutral ground where the one match final will be played. If no decision has already been made on whether there will be a neutral venue at what stage will it be decided?
    Big Lundy

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    Playoffs arrangements if any  Empty Re: Playoffs arrangements if any

    Post by Big Lundy on Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:31 pm

    Not sure?
    The National League get most of the gate receipts from the final so depending on how well the 2 teams in the final are supported could decide where the final is played!
    Last year’s final was @ The Shay!
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    Att 7,920

    Highest placed team in league who reaches final is still likely venue I would have thought!

    Another 3 wins & we might not have to worry about play-offs!

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    Playoffs arrangements if any  Empty Re: Playoffs arrangements if any

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