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    Attendances and Seating



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    Attendances and Seating

    Post by BB on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:31 pm

    I know there’s more important things to be concerned about, but I wonder if someone could explain a couple of points? (Apologies if I’ve missed something somewhere else).

    Please note. I’m not necessarily being critical. I’m just curious.

    How are the attendance figures arrived at? I think we’ve all looked around when the official attendance is announced and said.. ‘That can’t be right’

    Is it just matter of how many ‘bums on seats/standing’?

    Approx. how many comps are there for an average match?

    Who gets these comps?

    E.g. Do the kids who kick about at half time, and their parents/grandparents etc get in for free?

    Did the squaddies get in for free?

    How many officials from the visiting team get in for free?

    How many officials from our club get in free?

    Do the ‘comps’ count towards the total?

    Assuming that the attendance figure somehow has to reconcile with the declared receipts…who pays for the comps, or are we allowed a certain number per match/season?

    What is the official capacity of the ground?

    Another query…

    Why are we allocated a specified seat when we want to sit in the stand?

    Whatever ticket I’m given I sit in the same seat that I have for the last 15+ years. The one time someone approached me with a ticket for ‘my’ seat I said..  ‘It’s ok mate, you can sit where you want’.. He said… ‘Thanks, I wondered why I had to sit where I was told’, and he and his kids moved along to where they wanted to be.

    I suppose it looks more professional to have printed tickets for each match. But is that the only reason, and what does it cost?

    Is it to ensure that the stand isn’t overcrowded?...we managed ok previously.

    Couldn’t the same result be achieved by buying a book of raffle tickets for 20p, use the numbers 1 to 400, or whatever, and when they’re sold out it indicates the stand is full…it would also mean that you could sit where you wanted.

    I haven’t spoken to anyone who thinks it’s a good idea, or necessary. It just seems to p**s people off as far as I can tell.

    N.B - I’m not looking to start an argument, or stir up some s**t, I’m just genuinely curious about the above points.



    Re: Attendances and Seating

    Post by Guest on Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:08 pm

    Some interesting questions - The one that does for me is the Tamworth 975 vs Stockport at 1055. Tamworth was a couple hundred over - you can just tell when you have been coming as long as we have. The Halifax FA cup match as well was a proper head scratcher - just under half full that figure given would have you believe. A reet confusing one. Would show like that we don't count comp tickets surely, with those lads from the camp not being counted I think??
    The seating area seems to have been an issue for county fans last match - being told it was sold out, even tho it wasn't, or maybe that was just those arses Saxon (just like being at Armley) Security - we don't seem to be able to manage even the basics of allocating seats in a small stand. But hay we do PDC and have a ladies team and all those other amazing things I am meant to remember when I am being treated like shite in a ground I have been going to for decades, whilst watching the Weaver footballing joke on all of us. Sorry strayed off topic there.....


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    Re: Attendances and Seating

    Post by BB on Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:17 pm

    Seeing as how we're commenting on attendances again, I thought that I’d bump this up, ‘cos apart from Lip up fatty’s very astute contribution everyone else seems to have missed the opportunity to jump in.

    It would be good to have some sort of informed answers to what do seem pretty straightforward questions…Ged?.... but, if not, doesn’t anyone else have a reasoned opinion?

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    Re: Attendances and Seating

    Post by paulstreet on Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:28 am

    I must confess I have never really trusted the attendance figures right back to the previous regime.

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    Re: Attendances and Seating

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