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    Jordan Robertson...SIGN HIM UP!


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    Jordan Robertson...SIGN HIM UP!

    Post by paulstreet on Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:42 am

    I don't know about anybody else out there but I am getting increasingly concerned that the club do not appear to have made a decision to sign this guy yet when it seems (after several impressive performances and, what is it, 5 or 6 goals (!), an absurdly easy decision to make.  Lets face it, other clubs will not be unaware of the situation, and if we lose him to another national North team we will live to regret it.
    He does not just score goals (his goal on Saturday was superbly taken), but his cross for Kerry's goal was stunning. And how good has Kerry been so far?  He has both strength and speed (as someone else pointed out on Saturday), so please Irving, Simon (and anybody else concerned), just get it done and help me sleep at night!

    After a few pre-season games, who would be your starting strikers against Worcester?  It surely has to be Robertson (if we sign him!) and, for me, Chilaka, altho' its pleasing that Knowles looks up for it this season. Its too early to judge Pittman, but he is clearly (at the moment) in 4th place in the pecking order. It does seem to me that Chib is a much better player than he was with us before, his play for Knowles' disallowed goal on Saturday was quite superb.

    Whichever team Simon picks on August 6th, there are going to be some darn good players on the bench!  I hope Simon can keep this highly impressive squad of players happy...they can't all play every game.

    Incidentally, 8-0 win (OK only Railway!) and no posts on here. What is going  on out there?

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