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    Choosing a charity to support



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    Choosing a charity to support

    Post by Surplus on Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:27 am

    Not sure if this is already being done but we'd get good advertisement and PR if we as fans and a club adopted a charity or charities for the season and had regular fundraising at matches.

    This could be a local kid who is trying to raise money for a costly operation or a local charity doing good things.

    Plus side is we might attract new folk down to the CNG, it gives another focal point and identity to the match day experience and helps out a charity plus gets good PR, possibly attracting more folk down. Also could be fun.

    Events arranged at the home games could include collections, loose change bin near entrance/ exit where folk put their coppers in, sponge and stocks where nominated fan is pelted with sponges, charity events such as races etc.


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