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    TOWN on TOUR! Hyde



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    Re: TOWN on TOUR! Hyde

    Post by gedmaloney on Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:56 pm

    pie and chips wrote:Town Lishke goes to see Father Christmas.
    "What would you like for Christmas, little boy?"
    "I want the Weavers to go away"
    "But then the Club might go into administration, and there would be no Harrogate Town", says FC.
    "Don't care", says TL, "I know best"
    FC makes the Weavers go away, and the Club folds.
    TL asks all his friends round to celebrate, but neither of them can come.
    No club, no forum, but TL was right.

    Pie and chips - at the recent Q&A the Chairman made a point of stating, as in a previous forum, that his intention, with reference to legacy, was always to leave the Club in a better state than he found it for whoever takes over the Club.
    The usual suspects can say what they like, but most supporters, I would suggest, want a successful 1st team, were bitterly disappointed with performances up until Xmas, are optimistic about progress since Xmas, without getting carried away, and can see improvements both off the field and through the development squads, where we are already starting to see players come through to the 1st team.

    The u21 coach was in the 1919 venue after Saturdays game to review progress in this area.

    Great reception from the fans in recognising Blooms 200 appearances for the club in the bar afterwards☀ sunny

    And while on the subject of ground improvements have to support those who have commented on the atmosphere generated by the fans in the Kop of Fear - I was with a guest on Saturday who was disappointed with the match in the 1st half - I suggested he would see a different game when Town played towards the KoF and was pleased to be proved correct.

    Whilst not suggesting an audition on the X Factor, well done J and J.

    pie and chips

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    Re: TOWN on TOUR! Hyde

    Post by pie and chips on Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:08 pm

    Thanks for reply, Ged, appreciated.


    Re: TOWN on TOUR! Hyde

    Post by Guest on Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:47 pm

    Still spaces on the coach to Hyde. Looks like we will be taking our biggest away following to date as already have 35 booked on.

    Adult £10
    Child/Student £5

    Leave CNG at 12:00

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    Re: TOWN on TOUR! Hyde

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